Apr. 2022

  • Prefix delegation is available after restoring EPON modems to defaults.
  • IPv6 PD from China Telecom still brings dynamic prefix.

Feb. 2022

  • S5120-48P-EI is deprecated due to lack of OSPF routing.
  • IPTV now transfers data through VXLAN tunnels.
  • Prefix delegation from China Telecom is still unavailable (but I have a dynamic public IPv4 address).
  • Tiny Application Server is in fact another OpenWrt home router.
  • All those nodes connected with several networks are running OSPFv2.
    • FRRouting on OpenWrt (producing routes on WireGuard/IPsec/IKEv2 networks)
    • H3C S5500-34C-HI (core L3 switch)
    • Hillstone SG-6000 M3108 (producing default routes to WAN)
    • Hillstone SG-6000 NAV20 (producing routes on server networks)